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Use the coupon code "FREEGROUNDSHIPPING" at checkout to receive free ground shipping on ANY LED Lighting products! Please be aware that Corals require upgraded shipping and cannot be included in the cart during free ground shipping purchases. Coral purchases of $300 or more receive free overnight shipping!


The Coral Shop Guarantee

The Coral Shop does everything possible to ensure a safe, fast and pleasant shopping and shipping experience. A quick and quality transportation between the reef and a customer’s tank is the most important factor in keeping any live tank inhabitants. The Coral Shop orders from the highest quality suppliers; we have combined the best shipping methods from multiple national and overseas companies, studied the best shipping companies and acclimation methods. The Coral Shop works hard to ensure that you receive the highest quality corals, in the best health possible. Occasionally, despite our efforts, the shock of shipping can be too much for even the hardiest coral. Rest assured that The Coral Shop will quickly and conveniently issue a coupon code towards your next purchase.

Keeping your corals safe and secure while on the rough ride and keeping them in a proper temperature range are the largest factors affecting their short and long term health. Rest assured all corals are double or triple bagged (depending upon species), secured within the bag/container either by floating (larger Acros, Euphyllias etc.) or by securing within the bag/container to provide the smoothest trip possible. Heat or cold packs are used as needed to ensure good water temperature through the shipping process. The Coral Shop uses 30+hr heat packs and only high quality cold packs.

Shipping Carrier Domestic:

The Coral Shop exclusively uses UPS standard and priority overnight (where available)! You're kept in the loop as soon as your coral is on the way with instant notification via e-mail from the carrier for your piece of mind! We strongly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery to prevent livestock from being exposed to the rain and/or extreme temperatures. An even better option, at authorized UPS locations, is to pick up your coral at the local shipping warehouse before the coral is put though the most difficult part of their trip, the vehicle transportation. This option is very effective when shipping anemones and other more fragile animals, eliminating the bouncing and temperature rollercoaster.


Take the time and proper care to acclimate your new additions gradually to their new water; many corals and inverts perish because of little to no acclimation. First let the new arrivals get their temperature back up by letting them float or somehow sit in the aquarium which they will reside in. Typically 10-15 minutes will be enough time for temp acclimation, and then SLOWLY start to introduce the aquarium water into the water containing the coral. Drip acclimation or adding from a baster or dropper seem to work the best, typically we have the mindset when acclimating you really need to achieve double the water volume in their container over the span of 1-2 hours. Always watch them closely when doing the water acclimation and observe for any signs (i.e. sliming, loosing flesh etc) from the corals.

Arrive Alive Guarantee:

Corals and inverts are guaranteed to “arrive alive.” If you receive your order and any coral is dead on arrival please email a picture within 2 hours of receiving the shipment. Please make sure to act promptly within the 2 hour window for the guarantee to be honored. Email can be sent to Once the DOA is confirmed we will issue you a coupon code good for a credit towards your next purchase.

Please also be aware if a package is rejected for any reason, the customer will be responsible for the full cost of the invoice.


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